Mystery Hotels…should you, shouldn’t you?

Has anyone tried the Mystery Hotel Experience?

I have, a few times and I have to say…

it ain’t bad but you have to understand a few key things to make it work and I will share these tips with you…..for free

First of all I know two travel sites that offer them, last minute and Wotif, I’ve used both and they seem pretty comparable. There are possibly more out there that do them, I don’t know of them though.

Secondly if you are flexible, not wanting a particular hotel and like surprises, this might work for you.

In my opinion they’re great for a weekend getaway to a city because it’s easy to work out what type of hotel you might get and also the location you will be in. Please do not make the mistake of thinking you can guess the hotel because you can’t. I know this because when I do it I always play this little game where I think I know what the hotel will be…..and it never is that hotel!  Which is fine for me because I don’t really care, it’s just a silly game I play. If you did care, you may be disappointed…that’s all.

Firstly when you are doing your search in (for example) – Sydney, work out what star level you want. I usually do 5 star and eliminate the rest  (choose the stars that suit your budget). Then choose the area of the city you would like to stay in, for us this is around the historical part of the city (which is close to Circular Quay and The Rocks). That way you guarentee getting a place that is 5 star and in a great location.

CBD of Sydney

CBD of Sydney = Great Location

Now keep in mind there are usually only one or two maximum that are in the mystery selection for 5 star and NO you are not definitely going to be put in the Park Hyatt (definitely not)…


You will be put in a pretty swanky, centrally located 5 star hotel and you will make pretty decent savings compared to the normal rates on offer. The best I’ve had so far has been the Radisson Blu in Sydney, it is such a lovely hotel and the rooms are pretty sweeet (see link above).

Another thing to remember is you do not find out the name of the hotel until you PAY the money then they immediately send you a confirmation email with the name and address of the hotel on the itinerary. Before purchase you can see all the facilities on offer of the Mystery Hotel, if it has a pool, parking, restaurants, bars, concierge services etc and a general location map.

Don’t worry, you won’t get this:


Crappy Hotel

But you also won’t get this:


Super Amazing Out of this World Hotel

You’ll probably get something like this:


Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney

Which is quite lovely and convenient and nice.

We have booked one for this weekend and made about a 25% saving. It’s the           Amora Hotel Jamison and looks like this:


Not too shabby

Not too shabby

So I say you SHOULD give it go, if saving a little money and surprises are your thing then I think you will enjoy the experience.

I will let you know how the Amora goes ; )