Exploring Oahu





This little Aussie / Pom is back from her favourite Island destination refreshed, renewed and resigned to the fact that she’ll never be able to afford a house in Kailua!

I can holiday there though….YAY!!

And I did, with my best friend and travel security guard (protects others from me more than protects me), Mark. We had fun visiting Hawaii without the tribe we call children. It was blissfully serene, we could eat when we liked, drink when we liked ,rest, shop, breath ……you get the drift?


Enough of that, what did we do on this long awaited trip to tropical heaven….

Heaps…but I won’t tell you everything just my favourite bits for now…….

First photo is of the hugely popular Mai Tai……which it turns out I hated! I spent about $15 USD on that baby, had one sip, pulled a face and gave it to Mark ( he didn’t complain ) so with that little cliche done and dusted I moved on the gentler, sweeter beverages like vast quantities of Champagne and wine! Please don’t let me put you off Mai Tai’s,  every one else I speak to seems to love them so go for it and free tip you can get them for a dollar on the catamaran rides 5 metres from the bar I’m sitting in on the beach (their bright blue though)








Being a TC (travel consultant) I wanted to do a couple of day tours that my customers might want to experience, so I did.

We did a City tour including the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour, very interesting  tour to do and it isn’t all day  either which is a bonus ( there’s only so long I like to be holed up in a bus). We used Enoa Tours and they were great  – our fearless leader Special K , apparently this is easier than the pronunciation of his name Kaneou (maybe)! Any way he was friendly, funny, informative, knew a heap of history, knew a great hot dog stand….all that stuff that makes a tour guide great.

Tip: Pay the $7 usd for the audio tour at Pearl Harbour it really is worth it and you get so much more out of the museums and memorial.

Your welcome.


Go to Lanikai, go to Lanikai, go to Lanikai…..

I know I’m obsessed  with this place but truly if you are going to Oahu and not leaving Waikiki……YOU HAVE TO!

And that’s an order. Waikiki is not Hawaii – it is fun, has great shopping, has cheap cocktails (apparently), but it is not the true Hawaii.


To get a feel of it you need to go to the Windward side…..you know when you stand on Waikiki all sunburnt and sweaty, with your $1.00 Mai Tai in your slippery fist??? Well stand with your back to the water and look at that Jagged Green beauty of a Mountain Range called The Koolau range, well over the other side only a mere 20 minute drive in car or bus is the Windward side and here lives Lanikai…………..It is beautiful and is very near Kailua ( my other obsession) and has a perfect beach and amazing homes and super chill people  and shaved ice and and and…..just go!IMG_4168

What better why to get to the Windward side than hiring a Mustang convertable!!! Oh yeah very cool fun to be had if you hire one of these babies. We picked up this little sexy number really early from the Hertz rental at the Hyatt at Waikiki across the road from where we stayed and zoomed through the Koolau Range (there’s a tunnel for this purpose) ………




and into the town centre of Kailua (angels sing) to Lanikai Juice (sunray bursts through the clouds) to get our most fave ever breakfast in the whole entire world……..Acai Amazon Bowls with the works!! Photo below so you get the idea #heaven. To explain in a nutshell click here , it’s faster.

Next we take off to Lanikai Beach (see photo above) for a swim in the gorgeous waters that gently lap the sandy white beach and for me to take photos of all the beach houses that I stalkerishly wish were my own…..Mark never questions me doing this so I believe it’s normal. It’s only when I come home and show my friends and they all question why I’m taking photos of homes I do not know the occupants of, that I wonder if it is normal?


After our swim we head to our family – yep we have family in Hawaii (jealous much?)  one of our HAWAIIAN  (originally from Canada but with clever parents who moved to Hawaii) cousins  has a fiancé and this fiancé has an amazing wholesale botanicalbusiness in the most stunning location on the Hwy up to the North Shore. Nate (said fiancé ) quite wonderfully takes us on a tour of the beautiful nursery. He cuts down a coconut and shows us how to shuck it and crack it open….Yummo, you can’t get fresher than that!

It’s all very islandy and outdoorsy and I’m feeling quite wild and spontaneous slurping back the coconut water – loved it!

We drag ourself away and head to Waimea Bay this iconic 1950’s style beach town in the cosmic centre of all that is the North Shore. This is where we lunch (under cousins advice) at Haleiwa Joe’s and had the BEST CHICKEN WINGS ever………..So bloody good they put all other chicken wings to shame…..Go  there please! Oh and the waves are sick in winter for those that like surfing and not chicken wings.

This Photo is just down from Nate’s nursery and it is an example of how breathtakingly beautiful this part of Oahu is. Remember that scene in Jurassic Park where the dad and his two children are running down a valley with a dinosaur in chase….filmed it here!

It is stunning and  gets more stunning around every corner.  A drive up here is so worth it and you will want more once you have a taste.IMG_4193

Monk Seal having a rest on the beach, catching some rays I suppose…..she wouldn’t say why she was visiting (quite aloof)IMG_4294

The Koolau range is spectacular.IMG_4331

China Mans hat….Get it? IMG_4333Will be back soon with more ramblings and remember what Pooh Bear said


Mahalo for reading my post – (such a local now)



Kailua and why it rocks

Have you ever been to place and felt a real heart connection?

37617_444286858453_3746137_nI have and it’s called Kailua. Kailua is on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, it’s a breezy, laid back coastal town that is on the Windward side of the island and about thirty minutes drive from the hype of Waikiki.

I can categorically state it is worth the visit when next you visit Hawaii.

So as a courtesy to you and your future trip to a little slice of heaven, I’ve put together 5 must do things while visiting.

1: Spend a day at Kailua Beach Park and simply enjoy the white sands, turquoise warm waters. The beach here is much quieter than the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and you will feel like a local

2. Grab lunch at the Kalapawai Market at the start of the Kailua Beach Park. Its a beachy casual feel store with a great lunch menu and wine bar, plus a general store where you can pick up all sorts of things.

3. You must indulge in a Acai (A-SIGH-EEE) Amazon Bowl from Lanikai Juice. An Acai Bowl is a delicious blended tasty combo of Acai berrys, banana, blueberries and apple juice (or soy milk for those inclined). Each bowl is topped with crunchy granola and banana slices. You can get extra toppings like local organic honey (my choice!) and they offer “gourmet bowls” with all kinds of yummy combinations to choose from. I love this place and could make it my breakfast every day if only…….

4. Stroll to Lanikai Beach and gaze out at the Lanikai Twin Islands. So so so beautiful and picturesque, the water is divine and the houses surrounding this area are amazing. Lanikai is in Kailua and while the beach isn’t as big as Kailua Beach it sure is dang pretty.

5. Go on a Food Tour of Kailua with Flavour of Hawaii. I must admit I haven’t done this myself yet! I’ve got it on “my must do tour list” for my upcoming trip in September this year. I’ve heard really positives about this tour and being lovers of food, I think Mark and I will really enjoy this. I will blog about it after the fact of course. They also do a Waikiki version which looks just as interesting.

Hope that gives anyone thinking of going to Kailua some helpful ideas. You won’t regret it that’s a promise.

Mahalo x

A Honeymoon at long last.

Well I’m thrilled, happy, elated, overjoyed and probably going to be a pain in the butt of all that know me for the next 15 months…..

Mark and I have booked ourselves a wee honeymoon next september 2014!!! I know, why so far away? A couple of reasons (maybe more)

1. The cruise we want to go on is happening either this September with about three crummy cabins left on deck 2 or next September with a large oceanview on deck 8. I have done my research people, and I want deck 8!

2. Our eldest is doing her HSC (leaving school exams) this year and it would be a bit mean to abandon her throughout them.

3.All the children will be 15 months older and more able to cope with Mum and Dad going away WITHOUT THEM for nearly 4 weeks!!

So where are we going you ask……?

Well we are flying to Hawaii, Oahu for a week in Waikiki and possibly a night on the North Shore staying here – keikibeach,  as recommended by the lovely Natalie – a distance relative of my husbands who lives in Kailua with her Mum and Dad and two sisters.

Last time we stayed in Kailua and I loved it there but this time we really would love to stay close to the action of Waikiki so we can at least experience that and see what we prefer. I love, love, love Hawaii and this will be my third trip. All very different mind you. The first was as a 20year old with a great friend on our way back from Canada, we stayed in Waikiki and hit the beach by day and night clubs by night. Second was in 2010 as a family of 6 staying in Kailua in a holiday rental house and this third trip will be as a loved up couple, child-free and in need of a honeymoon.

After that week we board the Royal Carribean cruise ship The Radiance of the Seas for a 18 night cruise back to Sydney via French Polynesia and New Zealand! Yay!! Here’s the intinery:

The Path we shall take...

So Hawaii here we come, stayed tuned folks.