Who am I ……

I’m Claire, a woman staring 40 in the eye. A mother to four amazing individuals, two I gave birth to and two were a gift that came with my husband. I’m a wife to a great guy named Mark and a daughter to Jim and Sylvia. I’m a little sister to Tony, Andrew and Paul,  a friend to some super wonderful folk and just an acquaintance to many.

I live here…….

Home is where the heart is…

And I look like this…

Wedding shot 2006

But to be fair this is me on a really good day, after hair and make-up has been applied and I’m extremely happy because I’m about to marry a sexy, amazing man.


Looking windswept and natural at Narooma with Mark

This is a much more honest shot and it shows my love as well.

So now you know what I look like, I can tell you that this blog is a way to share my thoughts about places I visit and places I intend to visit. It will also be a  place I journal my trips and share anything I learn which may help other like-minded wanderlusting gypsy types.

I’m starting slow so please have patience with me and I look forward to contributions from other bloggers and travellers.




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