Sunrises and Study

It’s true I haven’t posted in a while and I only have one excuse (me), so that will need to suffice! In my defense I have been having loads of existential issues which is both time consuming and it turns out expensive also. The short story is I have devoted a good portion of this year to getting my nursing registration back and continue in the profession I began many moons ago! 

This post is not really a travel post, rather an appreciatation post. 

I have spent the last 5 weeks completing part 1 of getting my registration back, which involves a 5 week block of study at the Australian College of Nursing in Burwood ( a mere two hour drive from my little sea cottage). 

Thanks to the generosity of friends of ours (you know who you are ; ) I was able to stay in Abbotsford (a mere 20min bus trip to the college) in a gorgeous waterfront apartment! 

I know right? How’d I get so lucky? Well sometimes you come across people who have the ability of sharing what they have in a spirit that is selfless and true, they can transcend ego allowing others to benefit from their hard work and prosperity. I’m so incredibly grateful because it has made my study and seclusion from home and family so much easier to bear. I mean look at that sunrise above! 

I also have woken up to this………


Pretty nice huh? 

I never knew Abbotsford was so lovely! 

So while we get caught up in the nitty gritty of  everyday, I’m taking time out to think of those people in our lives who are special and do things that make us smile on the inside.  I’m blessed because I have many in mine and I thank God everyday for them. 
Thank you Greg and Paula xo


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