Another reason to holiday more…

Sometimes life skips along in a pattern that is easy to understand and except. We get up, go to work, hug our kids, kiss our partners goodbye, enjoy our weekends, whinge about the tax bill, remind the kids to turn their lights off and drift through this life thinking all is sweet and all in all we have few real complaints.

Then out of the blue….BAM….. we get news that takes the wind out of our sails and the spark from our eye. We lose a loved one, someone we care about, someone we assumed would be around to hang out with you, laugh, drink, travel, chat with. Suddenly they no longer exist and you stop and in slow motion you see what really matters in this life, that its the relationships we share that count.

We lost a dear dear friend suddenly on Monday night the 10th of March and nothing will change that. He has left behind an amazing wife and two grown up children Lachlan and Shannon and a whole heap of people who just loved him because he was that guy that everyone loved to be around.

My husband and I spent tuesday with his distraught wife and family and the whole day I thought of Mark and all the happy times we had shared. I remembered his funny stories, our trips away together, the countless times they’d stayed at our house for Christmas, Easter, long weekend and all the fun we had.

Thats when I realised, LIFE IS SHORT and the good times are what we remember and what count. Doing what makes you truly happy and lights up your life is what matters. Mark died doing what truly made him happy and for that I’m so incredibly pleased.

09/08/1962 - 10/03/2014 RIP

09/08/1962 – 10/03/2014 RIP


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