Kailua and why it rocks

Have you ever been to place and felt a real heart connection?

37617_444286858453_3746137_nI have and it’s called Kailua. Kailua is on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, it’s a breezy, laid back coastal town that is on the Windward side of the island and about thirty minutes drive from the hype of Waikiki.

I can categorically state it is worth the visit when next you visit Hawaii.

So as a courtesy to you and your future trip to a little slice of heaven, I’ve put together 5 must do things while visiting.

1: Spend a day at Kailua Beach Park and simply enjoy the white sands, turquoise warm waters. The beach here is much quieter than the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and you will feel like a local

2. Grab lunch at the Kalapawai Market at the start of the Kailua Beach Park. Its a beachy casual feel store with a great lunch menu and wine bar, plus a general store where you can pick up all sorts of things.

3. You must indulge in a Acai (A-SIGH-EEE) Amazon Bowl from Lanikai Juice. An Acai Bowl is a delicious blended tasty combo of Acai berrys, banana, blueberries and apple juice (or soy milk for those inclined). Each bowl is topped with crunchy granola and banana slices. You can get extra toppings like local organic honey (my choice!) and they offer “gourmet bowls” with all kinds of yummy combinations to choose from. I love this place and could make it my breakfast every day if only…….

4. Stroll to Lanikai Beach and gaze out at the Lanikai Twin Islands. So so so beautiful and picturesque, the water is divine and the houses surrounding this area are amazing. Lanikai is in Kailua and while the beach isn’t as big as Kailua Beach it sure is dang pretty.

5. Go on a Food Tour of Kailua with Flavour of Hawaii. I must admit I haven’t done this myself yet! I’ve got it on “my must do tour list” for my upcoming trip in September this year. I’ve heard really positives about this tour and being lovers of food, I think Mark and I will really enjoy this. I will blog about it after the fact of course. They also do a Waikiki version which looks just as interesting.

Hope that gives anyone thinking of going to Kailua some helpful ideas. You won’t regret it that’s a promise.

Mahalo x


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