Sweet Sydney

Last Friday I was up at 4:30am bleary eyed, packed an ready for a weekend in my sweet Sydney. Mark had a seminar in the city so I dropped him at 8:30am and by 9 am I had checked in to The Westin in the old GPO building and had a whole two full days of parenting- free fun ahead of me.

The folks at The Westin are always so very friendly and helpful. The lovely French accented concierge took my luggage and assured me they’d be in my room on my return.

By 9:30am I was strolling up Martin Place ready to explore, explore, explore.


The GPO side of The Westin facing Martin Place.

I wandered around the Mint where we Aussies used to make money!


This is The Strand Arcade, both ends of the arcade start with fantastic chocolate shops, gotta love that…

The clock tower on the GPO building, this view is from our room on the twenty four floor. The best room I’ve ever had at the Westin had us eye-balling that clock face.

The room! Taken from the bathroom there is this cool glass window that brings the bathroom into the living space. Of course there’s a screen for those that prefer privacy.

Mark enjoying his buffet breakfast…….lucky we walked for 4 hours straight after our morning pigout!

Below are a few shots of the happy wanderers around The Rocks, our historic harbour town.


Wanted to go to the Discovery Museum in the Rocks to see some history of the early colonization days of Sydney. Great museum incorporates the aboriginal history beautifully with the English history.Love the cute lampshades dangling on the walk to the museum.

When you walk around the rocks area and get to the water, everywhere you look there are great buildings

On the Saturday night we went to our fave restaurant, Pendolino’s a fantastic Italian restaurant in the Strand. This time was even better as I had a voucher because they were unable to honor a earlier booking we made! Man we went to town, Degustation here we come.

Okay this photo does not do this dish justice! It is quite honesty ORGASMIC…..it’s their homemade ravioli stuffed with peas and cheeses and drizzled in burnt butter and crispy little sage leaves. It is worth going to this restaurant for this alone. I usually get this in main size, I love it and demand that everyone who ever goes to Pendolino’s get it! In fact because Mark and I had matching wines with our 6 courses we started advising our neighbors to order it!! Embarrassing…..

And just when you think you can’t fit another thing in that mouth of yours…..WRONG! This honey nougat icescream is the best!EVER! Just go Please, I beg you.

So thanks Sydney for once again showing your sweet side and making this little gypsy one happy mummy
Love you


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